My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. More

Cahtherter change

another extremely professional cahtherter change done with minimal pain, extremely well done, a week early but better done today “under controlled circumstances” than wait for an emergency, autonomic dysreflexia is always hovering above me, drinking at the weekend, a great night but does bring problems with the water works, pushing another week (4 weeks this time), no one available so better safe than sorry!

Andrew Butcher A*

Everybody needs luck

img_9606luck.. love and hope… they drive you, with one you can find the other, I hold onto hope through the darkest days, hope for happiness… independence….. my own life, yes I’d like my old life.. but now with everyday changing, time slipping away each day.. it’s time for my own life, once I could…. if only… I was… these words are dead sayings… I am now! I will be! I’m going to! I can! I will! With luck maybe even find the love my life needs…



6th until the 7th

October 6th 15 years ago Phil Henson died (24/06/1979 – 06/10/2001), October 7th 15 years ago Tyler was born (07/10/2001 – 24/08/2011), October 7th 2012 Winnie was killed (04/8/2011 – 07/10/2012) RIP ❤️🐾


You don’t know how your life will go, what direction you take… what things in your life that hit hard, but these dates and events…….img_4088imageimg_3802

The devil inside

Your life is your own and yours alone… the choices we make, the risks we take all lead to the consequence’s we face… we can be the devil within ourselves.. we create, live and loth the life we make.. it then by our own making becomes our very own hell! Trapped in a cycle only we individually can change, some things set.. some things like fluid will flow, those are ours to mould.. to make.. life is suffering, death is eternal peace.. even so we continue each day, only the strong go on.. we only live for a blink of an eye in respect to the true time line that is life, it’s up to you.. yourself to make the change, to take that step… a leap of faith…. but faith only in ones self can make the devil inside turn and smile, only you can create joy and bring love through the pain that is life and what we build for ourselves, for we create life, we live life…. all we truly have inside our selves is what we make – for you are the devil inside yourself!

I’m trapped in my body broken… by my very own mistake… although broken in this, the prison of paralysis, my mind is free to wonder, free to make things better… but true to life my mind is free to torture me with the words “what if” “why me”…. if only for a brief moment in time… your choice’s that you choose – you live the consequence, what you do defines the the road ahead, for this is yours alone to take

Make a difference… for you are the one living the life you have



Yesterday cahtherter change by butcher, all good, certificate in the post!

Standing today, autumn is quickly coming (at last), which means soon fireworks and new walking dead


happy birthday to Stephen Barwise who brought me this far pushing my physical boundaries over nearly ten years


three days of pulled pork, soul food! Slow cooked with mustard and maple syrup

No-one knows



around each corner, every day a new day

the drive to survive….

Beauty love and life

imageBeauty is fleeting.. Like a rose on a fence sitting in a wind tunnel that is life, it comes from the earth to blossom through a branch of thorns, the beauty within is undeniable, even with all the effort put into getting it there, the wind blows.. The petals fall and the flower loses itself from the outside in..

scannedimage-16scannedimage-73A puppy..
Lives and loves and holds no grudge, he lives a short life and leaves, but in that life leaves a life full of love, any life lost leaves a hole but all the suffering in life is worth that time spent loving… That moment of beauty held in your heart forever, life is worth living because it’s only through all the pain that you finally see the true beauty that life hides.. Suffer a life time for a moment of love, that moment is then yours forever