My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. More

2017 blizzard

From the elderly to the very young… life gets to us all! From a smile to heart ache and pain…. seeing anything suffering is as they are themselves heart renching, as the heart beats for yourself so can it for another life.. one just starting out or two life extinguished through their love for each other… life is suffering, death can be peace, from fur to four legs… flying or walking.. however you came to this earth, how you live each day, the impact one small little life can have to the love of an elderly couple at the end of their’s

Life can go in an instant..
but as long as we hold someone or something dear, life cannot take it from you..

Brandon lee the crow : “Buildings burn, people die.. but real love lives forever”

No more suffering, no more pain.. sleeping safely, “real love doesn’t die!”

R.I.P All those souls just gone.. and long gone, you will not be forgotten as long as someone holds you in their heart

<3 v's -v-^---------

Photo book
Dexter goat
Helping the world one step at a time

Doing it my way, the hard way! But hopefully something on here will help someone before…. its to late, learn from my mistakes…

I’ve made enough of them now!

The world is yours if you want it

Stop… listen… think (absorb)… act…

Happy new year!

New year, new beginnings.. old hope!

Hang on to it, as the hope you hold within yourself… no matter how it fades through time, through heart ache, loneliness and frustration…. hold on to the smallest thread in the tapestry that is your life, hold tight as all that it is is all that you are!

Hope held inside is the hope that may shine again one day

at no stage were you everything you wanted… we are always nearly there… nearly perfect, it’s human nature to want more…. to be more… the hope you hold will one day lead you there

When you feel the world crashing in on yourself… hold on, you did once before, what you were you will never be again..
You will be better stronger, if you lived through that you can handle a lot… what you face today will be behind you tomorrow

A new struggle will come… another hill to climb… but a new year dawns… old hope is by my side

Ten years of paralysis… frustration… pain… but always hope there.. that the storm will settle, the sun will rise again even if your not out there to see it

Time will always be ticking by..

Another year…… another try.. hold on in there

Patience is the key

Little man

Waiting patiently everyday for me to get up and out, mentally and physically priceless to me


On reflection

Ten years ago today, a good day through a very bad time! Then ten years later, Dexter having a good time in a bush!

“Trapped in a prison of paralysis”

My posts have got thinner/fewer… my recovery is near obsolete…. this is due to the cost of things, – my bike price tag £19,500! With a repair call out fee £475!!! Just to get things running, but on arrival (of the call out) to be told the bike is out dated..

Write a book, be part of functional society again, feel pride instead of begging… earn the money to buy a new bike (car that i can drive), get back to recovery..

Money makes the world go round!
Money really does stop recovery….

The world is on the verge of medical breakthrough’s in every field everyday, just to be ready “just incase” my bikes broke one year and approx 5cm diameter of muscle wasted round my legs..

Time doesn’t stop ticking for anyone