For all of us.. when your time comes, you go….. that’s it!

Not I..
Not me..

For reason unknown I was sent back, back to a life that I live, I live this life in a body broken, a soul alive within.. my body taken leaving me as I am

Frustration lived, patience growing… time ticking, ticking away, already taken my movement, now after the world that I see through my own eyes you come now to take the sight that I have.. not yet… not now but you’re on your way, glaucoma is your form but at bay I’ll hold you.. until no more that I can hold you…. but still I’m here, here to torture, here I am, only just… but still just.. it’s me, you haven’t taken me, death you tried.. but here I am, taken bit by bit, piece by piece….

But still I’m here.. here for reasons unknown

Stronger than life, surrounded by pain, but life is pain and pain is life

You tried to take me, here I wait until we see one another again

Be all you can be, and all that I can be is me!