Stuck in time, driven by pain… contemplating everything and anything in the universe at 00:20 hrs, sleep waiting for the brain to stop thinking… typing instead of relaxing into slumber, one night comfort the next pain… the same sheets, the same bed, the same frame, the same routine, the same each night… no physio for two years.. I’m thinking my ligaments throughout my body tightening causing pain with pressure over my left arse cheek! A slight difference in position, the joys of paralysis over ten years

Giving up would be to easy… but I’ve been driven to that door but just can’t passed through!

Ten years back I broke my neck… bones burst in my neck, I drowned in the sea… I drowned once more in Hospital, then they froze me, hyperthermia and defibrillation 6 times… adrenaline injected each time into my heart..

I’m here, I continue.. to what end and why who knows.. but for some reason each and everyone is here, the sun rises in a few hours, a new day dawns, strength through each day fed from within, each of us living our own pain… but this pain that is my paralysis you will never know.. each of us traveling our own path…