Standing after injury

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I’m paralysed 11 years this December, I did physio for eight years, recovery and physical improvement through 5 years, after that it came/comes in waves….

In this time I have and there is no denying it, I’ve pushed those medical boundaries of quadriplegia, tetraplegia way off a cliff! (For eight long years nothing stopping me) through pain and frustration, beyond anything you can put into words… but as things gradually came to a standstill..

I’ve sat on a plateau for to long now, my equipment failed!(rti 300 fed bike) approx two years back and I’m sad to say my enthusiasm hit rock bottom.. you have to always hold onto a glimmer of hope.. but pushing through quickly became “sitting still”

To start my legs quickly wasted away by roughly 5cm in diameter! But then slowed down and I found I was maintaining (the visual muscle) things without having to do to much..

It’s all lead me to this point.. I’m in pain (right in my left arse cheek), I find it hard to sit or lay in a comfortable position whatever I try..

Looking through medical sites throughout the web I’ve come up with this – LINK

The pictures in the link show exactly my point of pain

I’m sitting on my sciatic nerve which sits within some very tight muscles/tendons with my heavy weight pressing down on my pelvic bone weighing through wasted muscles, always sitting or laying…

Im going try this, I found these things

Sixpad £109 per unit (I need two)
(My fes bike used same technology – £19,500!!!!)


Im planning on standing in my standing chair with these pads zapping my gleautes, I know from 8 years fes that electrical stimulation loosen’s my body up, freeing tight muscles (and it def builds muscle)

So I’m going to start pushing myself once more