be everything and be all that you are, for one day we will be nothing… each and everyone, we come into this world with nothing.. and we leave with nothing, throughout our lives we strive to achieve everything.. all that you really need is someone to remember you, then you will live on… Brandon lee once said in the crow – “buildings burn, people die… but real love lasts forever”

Today I cried…

Today like yesterday and the past 4045 days previously I’ve re lived one moment… one moment that tried to break me… tried but failed as I’m still here!

My realisation today was if I knew I would live each day in pain.. tormented by frustration and the freedom throughout life that I will never have.. it broke me, broke me down thinking that if I knew this was to come… I would have wanted to unplug the life support, once as my body went into cardiac arrest so did the man in the next room… the crash team brought me back but the man next door left this world! I find myself quite often wondering if they brought the right one back….

I see people and they ask.. how are you? Are you ok? The truth everyday I’d like to shout NO! I’m tired now, I don’t like the life I live but haven’t got the power in my body to do anything, just lay or sit in pain burning everyday

Trapped in a body broken with my mind alive!

I am broken and may never be fixed… but still I wake, each day the sun will rise and until the breath leaves me for good…. I’ll be here fighting my silent fight, feeling the burn of all the nerves throughout my body.. burning like fire

So… how am I today?

Not good, not very good at all!

Tomorrow will come, another day will dawn… and I’ll be here to see what may

“What if.. if only”