Autonomic dysreflexia

Apparently when the ambulance came and took me to hospital the other week, where I had lost sight in my left eye (I thought it was just migraine from the headache) it was the starting signs of having a stroke! I was in stoke mandaville yesterday for mri X-ray and ultra sound on kidneys and they told me, I’ve torn my shoulder and have to go for an mri on that as soon as they book it.

It shows the importance of knowledge (self and to others), I feel I have a good understanding of autonomic dysreflexia… 22 major episodes in 11 years, but you need to know for emergencies and be prepared for the extremes..

I feel I was able to deal mostly throughout these years, but got a little “blasé“ about the level that is “MEDICAL EMERGENCY” and the level that autonomic dysreflexia has – risk of death!

If you’re new to your injury you have to come to terms that the local authorities and even the GP and hospitals don’t have the knowledge regarding this… so researching and teach yourself, you need information from specific spinal hospitals

Don’t die painfully.. we all go, but try for peaceful at home in your bed once you’ve lived a life

Be aware.. don’t worry all day, if you’re prepared then when it happens you and those around you can deal with it efficiently and quickly

Advice and knowledge is best gained from specific spinal hospitals (also google..)