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My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. Is Buying Valium Online Illegal Australia
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I’ve had a bit to much Guinness these past few days…. I’m now booked in for a consultation about tendon re-alignment on the 13th June, I have the set up now to walk or cycle, just with this heatwave we are having (I’m pro global warming here in Kent) I haven’t done that much exercise… I will be back to it tomorrow followed by a BBQ

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Buy Herbal Valium1000 Valium Cheaptoday was a lot more comfortable, using my jacket i was able to complete 20 minutes so a great improvement, im putting in some U shape brackets in to completely eliminate any pressure on my shoulders, i’ll always be working on the kinks…

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Buy Msj Diazepam UkIt went well, I have now achieved a vertical stand in the harness after four weeks of adjustments, and today I finally took some (assisted with “functional electrical stimulant”) steps on my bike.. Now that we have achieved the upright walk using the bike, I am going to start looking at the comfort of the harness, at the moment my arms go blue a little to quick, this as you can imagine is a bit off putting when I’m holding myself up by them and some paralysised legs…. I am “classed as” quadriplegic, I have very few functional muscles in my upper half, Buy Roche Valium Online Ukthe blue colour is due to the shoulder straps in the harness cutting in…. But like I said now I have achieved a few steps I’m looking at some fine adjustments – and some not so fine.. Tomorrow Steve will be here to work with me, i have a martial arts leather jacket (because I’m secretly a ninja too), the jacket has armour plates in the kidneys, chest, shoulders and back, I hope the jacket will allow the movement but stop my shoulders getting squashed, as it’s designed for fast and protective movement, if I can maintain blood flow I’ll have lots more staying power.

I’ll be back in the pool again soon, building on my core strength

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I have been doing a lot but really haven’t done anything….. Trial and error over and over.. But I think I’m getting somewhere now, I’m actually going to walk tomorrow, I have now got the height needed in my house, we have cut a large hole in the ceiling and put another winch (luckily we had another 2 ton winch laying about) upstairs giving me an extra foot in height, I have found with the harness’s it’s different putting one on after spinal injury… My back is more relaxed (some people call this paralysed) so I couldn’t get any harness to fit correctly, no matter how it went on.. Now I have put two together and tightened everything up using a lot of karibeaners, I now have “the safest harness ever made”, once buckled up I can now stand upright and bear weight through my legs on the bike with enough head clearance to WALK! I will link it to you tube.

Another thing I’ve been toying with.. Tendon re-alignment…… I think it’s time now to look at chopping up my left arm, this will give me so much more independence and allow me to get on with things quicker.. Life happens while your waiting for something else.. A cure for paralysis may never come.. And I’m not going to be here forever.. So I need to as much as possible now, I think this is my next step, and would really assist me in my overall goals.. If I could get some use out of my arm.. I’ll keep hold of the right arm just incase… And I’m always going to keep at those legs.. I am going to end up bionic! Just might take a while

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I have the winch and a little hole in the ceiling, I have done a broken double session on the fes (in bike mode) bike, I am still getting under current through each session, but a new computer has been ordered so that problem should be fixed soon, I hope to be able to try walking on the bike in the next couple of days….. Who knows where that will take me?? But using that I should be able to see what I’m capable of

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We are actually getting somewhere! Today in physio I stood straight upright weight bearing through my legs (using the exo-legs/harness/frame), I still need some height over my bike to “walk” but this will be sorted by next Tuesday, we are going to fit a winch in upstairs and lower it through the ceiling.. This will give me an extra 12 inches! Combining everything together will give my body the shock needed to jump start a little more progress..

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Thankfully it’s been sunny and warm.. I haven’t done much exercise, things have been so slow hitting hurdle after hurdle, I’m trying to stand upright in my house using the harness’s that I have.. I have all that I need to walk “on” my bike, apart from head room! Today I managed to stand, Steve comes tomorrow and I’ll be playing around trying to get somewhere with the exo-legs, I’ll also try out a step or two if possible!

I am really pushing things now

Money is what I need, time is what I have.. A lot of time to think things through… I will work this out

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Everything is in place…. Just my ceiling is too low!!!!! I think a hole needs to be drilled in my roof and a winch put in! This will give me those extra inches I need.. So hopefully nearly nearly walking…….