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My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. Is Buying Valium Online Illegal Australia
Buy Diazepam Fast Delivery


9.1miles then 10.1miles! The bike didn’t stop for the “undercurrent glitch” today, this enabled me to do a lot more of a stable session – shows how much I lose due to a faulty session

Buy Diazepam Ampoules

Buy Herbal ValiumAfter last week I need a break! I’ve had an easy weekend.. I want the heat back!! I also need the love of a beautiful woman…. But I think the weathers more do-able, I will be doing my FES cycle tomorrow, then Tuesday with Steve “on” the bike “walking” in my new frame/He-man chest harness.. I’m hoping that this new device will relieve all the pressure in my upper body allowing me to stand and walk for longer

1000 Valium Cheap

From Tyler pulling the catherdar bag off and filling the bed with peeee then finally getting the bike sessions done, I had to stop a lot because of a slicing pain in my left ankle.. And loads off pad under current!?? Once I had done most of two sessions, I really needed the toilet where I found a huge friction burn/cut on my upper RIGHT thigh??? After the toilet… the breaks slipped on my chair, then sitting in bed my water syphoned itself onto the floor… All in all a great week being me!

We are now working on the chest part of the exo-skeleton.. I will be iron man soon

And I’m actually looking forward to having my arm cut open (tendon re-alignment) I NEED progression!!!

Buy Valium Cheap Online

I have my exo-legs, now after today’s “trouble shooting” in physio.. I need a frame to go inside the harness because the weight of my body is pulling down and pressing on my coller bone and my shoulder blade, this thing is becoming a true exo-skeleton crossed with a suit of armour and an American football outfit…
Yesterday I nearly had a heart attack! I was sitting in my off road chair – we live on a big hill…… I had it switched off, after a while I got bored so decided to go back (down hill) to my house.. I reversed up a little to turn, then to save energy (mine and the batteries) I switched the chair off to roll forward… Then once straight I would turn it back on and head home, as I rolled down about a meter the chair jumped forward and took off at speed down hill! Excellerating all the way down (luckily I had 3 1/2 acres) I ended up right at the end of our garden.. All the way down I couldn’t stop, I had to hold on with one arm then with the other try and stop, and steer and panic and avoid my house my neighbours fence.. The pond, the barn, some trees etc… All this with my catherdar atatched to the chair so if I fell it would have been pulled from my bladder – all this with the power off! Some how the motor had “self generated” and took off – it’s limited (with the power on) to 8mph but unrestricted switched off! I must have reached 20mph!! IN A SWITCHED OFF WHEELCHAIR!

Buy Roche Valium Online Uk

I’m fed up living in the past! I want to be living in the “what might be” “what will be” and the “what I do defines me”

I am who you see, but where I’m going is up to me now, all that I’m going to be has not yet been written – I am the author of my own destiny.. I am pushing the boundaries of what I can do, another 6miles today cycle style then Steve tomorrow, the pools being filled as I type so more activity soon, I am still governed by the money available (as we all are) the power of the mind is a beautiful thing! But I need to look at what is real… What can be done with what I have, I will use all that I have around me – keep an eye on where I’m going……….

Buy Valium London

I’ve had a bit to much Guinness these past few days…. I’m now booked in for a consultation about tendon re-alignment on the 13th June, I have the set up now to walk or cycle, just with this heatwave we are having (I’m pro global warming here in Kent) I haven’t done that much exercise… I will be back to it tomorrow followed by a BBQ

Buy Diazepam Online Uk Blue Haze

Buy 1000 Valium Online UkBuy Diazepam Nztoday was a lot more comfortable, using my jacket i was able to complete 20 minutes so a great improvement, im putting in some U shape brackets in to completely eliminate any pressure on my shoulders, i’ll always be working on the kinks…

Indian Valium Online

Buy Chinese DiazepamIt went well, I have now achieved a vertical stand in the harness after four weeks of adjustments, and today I finally took some (assisted with “functional electrical stimulant”) steps on my bike.. Now that we have achieved the upright walk using the bike, I am going to start looking at the comfort of the harness, at the moment my arms go blue a little to quick, this as you can imagine is a bit off putting when I’m holding myself up by them and some paralysised legs…. I am “classed as” quadriplegic, I have very few functional muscles in my upper half, Order Generic Valium Onlinethe blue colour is due to the shoulder straps in the harness cutting in…. But like I said now I have achieved a few steps I’m looking at some fine adjustments – and some not so fine.. Tomorrow Steve will be here to work with me, i have a martial arts leather jacket (because I’m secretly a ninja too), the jacket has armour plates in the kidneys, chest, shoulders and back, I hope the jacket will allow the movement but stop my shoulders getting squashed, as it’s designed for fast and protective movement, if I can maintain blood flow I’ll have lots more staying power.

I’ll be back in the pool again soon, building on my core strength

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Buy Valium Australia

I have been doing a lot but really haven’t done anything….. Trial and error over and over.. But I think I’m getting somewhere now, I’m actually going to walk tomorrow, I have now got the height needed in my house, we have cut a large hole in the ceiling and put another winch (luckily we had another 2 ton winch laying about) upstairs giving me an extra foot in height, I have found with the harness’s it’s different putting one on after spinal injury… My back is more relaxed (some people call this paralysed) so I couldn’t get any harness to fit correctly, no matter how it went on.. Now I have put two together and tightened everything up using a lot of karibeaners, I now have “the safest harness ever made”, once buckled up I can now stand upright and bear weight through my legs on the bike with enough head clearance to WALK! I will link it to you tube.

Another thing I’ve been toying with.. Tendon re-alignment…… I think it’s time now to look at chopping up my left arm, this will give me so much more independence and allow me to get on with things quicker.. Life happens while your waiting for something else.. A cure for paralysis may never come.. And I’m not going to be here forever.. So I need to as much as possible now, I think this is my next step, and would really assist me in my overall goals.. If I could get some use out of my arm.. I’ll keep hold of the right arm just incase… And I’m always going to keep at those legs.. I am going to end up bionic! Just might take a while