My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. More
Find a happy place

Stuck in time, driven by pain… contemplating everything and anything in the universe at 00:20 hrs, sleep waiting for the brain to stop thinking… typing instead of relaxing into slumber, one night comfort the next pain… the same sheets, the same bed, the same frame, the same routine, the same each night… no physio for two years.. I’m thinking my ligaments throughout my body tightening causing pain with pressure over my left arse cheek! A slight difference in position, the joys of paralysis over ten years

Giving up would be to easy… but I’ve been driven to that door but just can’t passed through!

Ten years back I broke my neck… bones burst in my neck, I drowned in the sea… I drowned once more in Hospital, then they froze me, hyperthermia and defibrillation 6 times… adrenaline injected each time into my heart..

I’m here, I continue.. to what end and why who knows.. but for some reason each and everyone is here, the sun rises in a few hours, a new day dawns, strength through each day fed from within, each of us living our own pain… but this pain that is my paralysis you will never know.. each of us traveling our own path…


It’s hard to….

Wanting to believe in something is easy.. actually believing in what you try to want is impossible..

What’s in your heart, you can not change…

Some how, some way each day I continue

Heart ache, hurting and all the pain that is life…

Another day done on this road in front of me, tomorrow brings everything and nothing

But still tomorrow all I can be is me!

A new day

a new beginning…

Holding on to hope for a future untold

Family time

Death waits…


For all of us.. when your time comes, you go….. that’s it!

Not I..
Not me..

For reason unknown I was sent back, back to a life that I live, I live this life in a body broken, a soul alive within.. my body taken leaving me as I am

Frustration lived, patience growing… time ticking, ticking away, already taken my movement, now after the world that I see through my own eyes you come now to take the sight that I have.. not yet… not now but you’re on your way, glaucoma is your form but at bay I’ll hold you.. until no more that I can hold you…. but still I’m here, here to torture, here I am, only just… but still just.. it’s me, you haven’t taken me, death you tried.. but here I am, taken bit by bit, piece by piece….

But still I’m here.. here for reasons unknown

Stronger than life, surrounded by pain, but life is pain and pain is life

You tried to take me, here I wait until we see one another again

Be all you can be, and all that I can be is me!

Alex will…

I was.. and I will again, I may not be walking… this I don’t mind – of course I’d love it.. but reality is a major factor in all that is this life! I once was great I survived death! They came to take me… but my strength back then … death couldn’t even take me, I came back, I was…. and I will be again… but what and when?

All I want is to be my own independent self, walking or rolling down the road ahead.

One life is given, through those eyes, your eyes the world is seen… each and everyone sees the world in front of us differently, each and every one of us is our own person and the life we live even surrounded by many.. you find yourself alone, unsure, uncertain… although we are all different each of us share these traits… the strongest of us just hide it well, being strong is something we all strive for… but to show your weakness the true you… this brings with it all the strength the world can give.. because once you hit and realise your weaknesses there is nothing else that anyone can take, by doing so the weakness you fear will become the strength that drives you

Be who you are… be all that you are

Always always check the depth first!

See you in the autumn…. heat brought on the start of autonomic dysreflexia! Only going to get hotter this week