My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. More
Just a bit funny!

Rest in peace Tyler

You were my strength for ten years <3

Not my words but… it fits

“Stars can’t shine without darkness!”

I have learnt compassion and patience… I just need simplicity….

Freedom is like a bird on the wing

until you find yourself… I don’t think you can be free… even if true freedom is being bound by the heart, only then can you choose the warmth of “home” a true home is where you are happy

Everything I was… I can be again

Maybe not physically but mentally I can bring myself back…

Life is but one moment at a time….

Don’t give up..

Never give in.. as the sun will rise tomorrow, with the light of the day brings the darkness of the night, you have to make that darkness your own as a new day will always dawn

Hope for a future untold

In a heart beat

A heart is so powerful… it is where your energy begins.. it’s where life begins, it’s everything you are

It’s a drive behind you and opens up endless possibilities in front of you.. be everything you are

Inside outside upside down

Hope is in the beat of your heart

Even if it’s all yesterday and never tomorrow

Come what may.. everyday is day with hope, anything can happen

Catheter by direction of Jennifer but changed by Pauline!

Catheter A+ to auntie Pauline, thank you, you changed it perfectly xx