My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. More

Catheter changed Monday 21st October

I’m no longer a victim of circumstance…

My accident defined “who I was” not any more.. I need to move forward…. to live.

Catheter changed scheduled but needed it

Loads of sediment, A* auntie P

Catheter change

Using a new one, silver alloy infection control catheter, auntie Pauline changed, 5*


My YouTube channel TheAlextsmith25

Catheter change

Pauline A* all good scheduled change

You have to live with who you are..

So be the person you’d want to live with!

My story goes on… I’m here, I continue.. I’m going to live a life before I die, my story is far from finished, I didn’t die for some reason I’m yet to find.. a road to walk.. not a road I’m prepared to roll

Until your story ends nobody knows what lays ahead!

Quote from “the last man on the earth” tv show…

Good news bad news… who can say, it all depends on the way the story ends