Just finished my leg and arm session on the FES RTI 300 bike, the arm session was as programmed but the legs went into passive 20mins before the session ended… This would usually happen if I was tired or ill… But I’m fine, the electro pads on my legs were dry, this caused a problem conducting the pluses through from bike to leg, my muscles in my legs are solid.. So should have no problem completing the full programme, tomorrow I’m changing the pads for a completely fresh set, so will be interesting to see how the session differs?

My sensation is driving me crazy at the moment! All down my left side has gone super hyper-sensitive! Espescially in my hand, it means the lightest touch burns like fire… The only way to solve this is by applying pressure to the area.. So I’m back to wearing a splint on my left hand, in turn this has knocked out the use in my left hand.. But I choose this over the fire! This should only be a tempery thing..