Buy Diazepam Online EuBelief in the seemingly impossible…

My mind is struggling to deal with being forced backwards at every turn, I am finding things difficult right now (this whole year..), you get to a “fuck walking I just want my independence stage…..”

I don’t know how to say that politely..

I haven’t done my bike… Or much else productive these past few weeks, frustration is my best friend now, when do you get to that part of the day when everything is going wrong, then you think.. “I know I feel like being strapped onto a machine and electrocuted for two hours!?” (My bike)

The night before last was like being brought back 7 years.. Unable to do…. Anything, last night I slept like the dead! (A good night)

My bed designed and given to elderly and infirm, paralysed and bed ridden….? I looked at it this morning once HOISTING out (slide board transfers (out), not possible – due to design.. My body bends at the hip…? As I’m sure every other human on this planet! Why then does my bed hinge at the point of my ribs?? Pushing me down every time is it up, with no way of being able to push myself up??

This takes out most bed mobility.. Then the side (baby bars) get taken down to “get out of bed” (hoist/slide/or fall!!) I need these to hook my gimpy arms thru?? To turn alone is impossible being paralysed from the nipples down! I utilise what I have to do what I need!

Achieving a lot “making the impossible possible” over these past few years waiting for everything EVERYTHING! And saying thank you for everything all day long for everything all the time.. Even down to inserting suppositories and then proceeding to “stimulate” my bowel (“digital stimulation”), the first time I cried was in Miami.. Transferring from ICU after two days into rehab, I knew things were serious (being paralysed), I just thought.. 4/6 months.. Maybe a year then back to work.. Back to my life… Nope – a video on bowel management and “this is you now” – it’s what I go through… So if your reading this… Your interested…. (Sorry) – a finger in your butt then thanking the person!? Before that would result in fighting talk! (Polite version)

All summer I’ve been without my boma chair due to the most expensive part breaking.. At a cost of £240…. The complete chair costing a little over £10,000….!!!!!!!!! Those two parts, a seat and four wheels attached to a frame??? How do you get to 10,000!!! (The cushion is £375 extra – that isn’t even the expensive one!(a j2 cushion).

All my stuff is extremely over priced.. It’s not one off buys either! I’m not getting up and about anytime soon, it will be 8 years this December! Everything bought (mostly funded by the very generous Holland America line, and helped in kind, money and time by my family and friends – THANK YOU)

I need extremely over priced things everyday all day, people can’t and don’t want to keep supplying and giving, everybody gets tired at some point… I am going to need things throughout the duration of my life.. Not toys.. But just to have a good nights sleep or “walk” the dog!

I am paralysed, I am continuing.. I am!

The night before last showed me how frustrating my life can be, giving up is not an option – my main goal is to live alone with my dog living independant, not needing to beg or grovel for anything, i need to be the man I was born to be not a pathetic waste of time and space that I see myself becoming… It’s a fight everyday for who I am on the inside

Find this guy on you tube – Bob Ross, happy cloud remix..

Is Buying Valium Online Illegal AustraliaBreathe

I can only continue or die trying

Thank you for your time, thank you for your support