On the road I’m walking down…. three things compassion for my animals, patience 11 years paralysed teaching me this, simplicity is the next on this journey…

Pain is something that “normal people” cannot comprehend- so much… so many different ways this life brings you pain!

Paralysed is pain… but mind over body, I will find myself from within, I’m in pain but the brain needs to send signals- my medication blocks the signals to minimise this.. I need signals! I’m in pain… let’s bring a little more

I’m bound by another tether through medical boundaries, I’m in the process of eliminating these step by step, today I have moved from 900mg to 600mg of gabapentin, I’m not turning around, down this road I will walk somehow some day… even in death so be it… but along the way I will live… even if all that I am is different types of pain, I will find myself- each day a step forward

– I achieve something pro active by turning the negative into positive