We all question our own existence at many points throughout our lives… why me? Why here? How did that happen? Why do bee’s fly when physically they shouldn’t get off the ground? How did they know I was thinking of that? How? Why? When?

Question everything thing! Question life! Why are you here? What for?

(I’m not going to tell you… as I have no idea!)

I do know 14th December 2006 at 14:18hrs I “should” have died! But I didn’t… I broke myself, beyond all known medical beliefs I survived… I pulled myself out of a medically induced coma at a point where my body was dying, where did that strength of mind come from? How did that happen? How after everything the past twelve years has thrown my way am I still here? I survived!

I don’t want to survive anymore… I need to live!

I will break paralysis and move forward, I just need to find the frequency and mindset I had unknown to me twelve years back! I will break this as I broke myself I think I didn’t die that day to do this today!

I will open up the quantum mind find those frequencies and smooth them into sync, with that free my mind and fix my body!

I didn’t know then, I don’t know now, I just feel it’s time…