The first fund raiser is to be held in Galway Ireland, organised by Sarah Hynes, it is to be held on the 11th of October at 2pm, All Aunts and Uncles and cousins (who can make it) will do a walk.

The walk is now to include anyone and everyone who would like to support me.

There will be more info shortly….

The second fundraiser was Becky jumping out of the plane.. thats one thing i couldn’t do! well done and thank you

The next was from Jan Velthuis, the chief enginner off the MS Westerdam.. this has just begun, Thank you

And just this morning i found out that one of my mums friends has had a fundraiser between her friends and family.. Thank you Sue West and family

Chris Ham is running the Amsterdam marathon on the 17th Oct! As always the equipment that I need is so expensive.. But with the help of friends and family – but again the kindness of strangers! People have come together once more, supporting me.. this time it is a school friend Chris Ham, flying out to Amsterdam this weekend.. to put himself forward to run just over 26 miles in aid of me to walk once again – THANK YOU Chris and everyone who have supported and sponsored him!

Your effort brings me that bit closer to walking again!