my view of the coma

Reflecting back on my coma, I remember the vivid dreams I had. On reflection these dreams related to what was happening by my bedside. Such as ………..

During a blood transfusion, Jennifer was standing next to my bed – people would talk to me all the time, throughout my time in the coma. As my blood was leaving my body and the new blood came in, Jennifer was discribing every gory detail.. but in my dreams i was laying on a table, next to her.. and i was watching her blood coming into me.

I drempt that i was in Alaska, each night i would go to bed and sleep… but about 4-5am an old indian man called X-ray would apear and get out of my bed.. he would shut my head in a foam vice, and go off ice fishing! – he would never allow me to go with him.. (i just thought the foam vice was to protect me incase of an avalanche) but as you can see from reading – the story through my sisters eyes, there is a link below (click the pages to increase size) – i used to get X-rayed nearly every day and the guy would come in around 4-5am and shout X-RAY at me.. and the bed i was in secured my head with a foam vice..

My mum would reasure me all the time by telling me “i had an accident in St Maartin, i’m in Miami, i’ll be home soon” this would really confuse me.. while i was dreaming i would be any where from India to South America, then all of a sudden i was back in Miami…?!?

I also drempt that i had got married to a very attractive young lady (Sarah Riley) we had two beautiful daughters, i had a caribean island (i was rich in my dreams) for some reason we left one there.. unfotunatley, we split – i was too busy fighting a war down in South America….. i don’t remember dreaming about Sarah before my accident – while i was in Miami Sarah would visit every Sunday, on one such visit as she left i flatlined (possibly when we split in the dream…)

there are more dream’s to come, but the reason for this section means that talking to your loved one’s while they are (at least) medacally induced into a coma, they can hear you – it may not help to much.. but they can hear you.   Check out “Inside a coma” to see how things relate!

In my dreams.. i had two planes,three yachts (big ones) and a train…

(just before i start… i was on a large cocktail of drugs…)

I came home from sea.. my brother had got into some trouble and ended up fighting with them… i stepped in and tried calming things down (this was in a field and i was standing on a transit van), as everything was calming, i got shot in the chest by someone with a shotgun.. as i was critical a tent was erected and they operated there, a medical team headed by a Canadian surgeon (all throughout all my dreams a Canadian man and a Chinese lady kept trying to kill me..) they saved me.. but made me into a type of “seal like pig man…” because of my new appearance – i didn’t care much for myself, this lead to me living under my parents house in a basement type flat with a big pool (for the seal part of me..) i started filming the things that i was doing and this lead to a series of jackass type films – these films made me a lot of money… so i bought my yachts, a train, 2 planes (a red one and a blue one), and two Caribbean islands, plus made enough money to have more surgery to change back to normal, i then joined the American special forces and then got based down in south America, on leave i would go back to one of my yachts.. (in my will i had left my planes to my brothers) during my dreams i remember dieing three times (during which everything froze… all i could see were bright green or blue screens, then woke in a cinema!), when in south America if i was in trouble i’d call for that big orange stone guy (from fantastic 4) or my brothers in the planes ( by now the planes were theirs), another time on leave i ended up on my yacht in the everglades in Florida, where i crashed the yacht and had my foot eaten by a croc!?! but i was to busy to sort out my foot and went around with a skeleton foot..

I spent a lot of time fighting the French in South America, while working for the American special forces??? Each time I died I would be transported back to their base in a large noisy cinema, all the time being followed by a Canadian guy and Philippine woman who were always trying to kill me!

The tv (my cinema) was on in my room, and my surgeon was Dr Levi (a Canadian) and the Dr off my ship that flew with me to Miami was from the Philippines!

One dream I was on a yacht (three of which belonged to my aunt and uncle from New York Anne and Pat Dockery), while on the yacht I was sailing through the Florida everglades, I was in the engine room, the boat crashed with a large hole in the bottom, I was stuck as the hull started to fill with water, an alligator swam in and ate my foot! Just the flesh though… I was too busy to get it fixed, instead I walked around from then on with a skeleton foot in my boots.

Who knows how that relates it’s just a funny one.. Other than my aunt visiting..

Down in South America the Philippine lady (who I later found out lived in my roof), one time I “died” back in the cinema I went.. (I believe, when they used defibrillator and adrenaline it pulled me out of my coma for a brief moment, the tv being heard each time..?), anyway, once the Philippine lady injected me with formaldehyde causing a death like look.. Thinking I was dead they threw me out into the jungle for meat, thinking the jungle animals would eat the meat.. But it was actually a local tribe of cannibals! One guy found my body, he realised I was still alive (just), he brought me back to the door of this bunker/cinema, he explained I was still living… The Canadian guy was at the door, he wouldn’t let me back in, I was paralysed from the formaldehyde at this point, the tribes man (a cannibal) couldn’t bring himself to snap my neck and take me, he held me and stayed there trying to bring himself to do it for what seemed like the whole day

Anywhere in the world my dreams would take me, I always heard “you’ve had an accident, we are in Miami, we’ll be home soon” then back in the cinema I went – my mum said this to me throughout

Tizer (the red fizzy drink) was injected into my blood stream one time, the idea being, it would stop my heart with the bubbles, three little girls saw this and spoke out while in hospital, after this the girls came with me anywhere I went carrying defibrillator’s for each time I died?!?

The drug induced coma bringing on dreams that feel like memories

This was the base for the rest of my dreams.. i do have to repeat they were extremely drug fueled.. there is more i’ll add it soon.