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My Story...
Hi I’m Alex and I’m a marine engineer, while working out in the Caribbean in 2006 during some leisure time I went swimming and my whole life changed in an instant... I hit my head on a sand bank and broke my neck. The vertebrae at c5 fractured and c6 broke into three parts one of which damaged my spinal cord, leaving me paralysed from the chest down. Buy Diazepam Online Eu
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Excuse me

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I went complete circle today…. I didn’t do my bike or swim.. But had the catherdar changed to stay on the safe side, then took Tyler out in the off road chair – I’m good now for another 8 weeks

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I’m booked to have it changed, I’m going to cancel it because I’ve been down recently… I’m just on the way back up and changing the catherdar means diazepam and more sleep.. What I need to do is bike and swim, so today I’m going for the active option. My body aches just sitting still…. I need to move to get the blood flowing

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Today (Saturday) was just one session 9.6miles on my RTI FES 300 leg bike, today (18 mins into Sunday) bike again then I want to swim… But it’s probably going to rain

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Sorry to hear of your husbands accident, and so soon after.. Your at the “shock” stage where your husband, yourself…. Your whole family will be experiencing every emotion possible

The spinal cord is such a complicated thing, it makes every injury very different.. Although bad.. It also means nobody can truly say what will happen in the recovery process, it will be five years for me this December, they sent me home from hospital with the kind words “this is you now, get on with it”, but I have maintained an active (as possible) life since.. My physio, I have once a week, he told me that he’d work with me 6 months to a year…. He is still with me and new things happen all the time, i exercise most days and try everything to improve things, plus with all the scientific research going on new things are happening all the time, I fractured c5 and c6 had to be replaced along with a metal plate, I spent six weeks in a coma (full details throughout my site)

It’s difficult to tell you what to say… You said that your married two years with two daughters, my advice is just to try and stay strong and just be there, the injury is life changing but not the end of his life! Your still a family and that is the strongest thing for him to keep positive about… Not to focus everything on the accident, but to push that little extra for his babies (you included, your his baby too) he has gone from being fully independent to needing help with everything in an instant.. But inside he is still the man you married, every injury and every person is so different and people deal with things differently.. A single spark in the darkest night can show you the way, I have feeling but very little motor function below the point of injury, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring

I know that it’s so difficult for him right now to try and adjust and figure things out.. But equally difficult for you over time.. Just stick in there try and stay strong and keep you family close by, although you have a long road ahead you still have each other and there WILL be good times again

I really hope this helps…. I’ve documented my life on here for about 4 years, I’ve been open with everything good and bad.. If you need help you know where to find me

Take care and stay strong

Alex x

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Order Generic Valium OnlineDue to very low blood pressure physio was cut short, hoisted up harnessed up then straight back down again

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And I tried.. Today I woke with no energy, then trying to do a session on the bike it kept stopping on either right/left glut pad off or the straps wouldn’t hold my legs in… 4.6 miles in I had to stop, then went swimming.. The chlorine was burning my eyes then my arm went hyper sensitive! Plus I ordered a metal duck off the Internet…. And a chicken turned up.. Not a good day! Tomorrow I’ll be on the treadmill with Steve then taking Tyler to the vets poor lil man

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Devil's Peak - Alaska

When life knocks you down….


One life.. Live it or lay back and die

Everyday is a fight.. But it’s YOUR fight! This one is mine, take strength from my words.. Or don’t it’s your choice how you live your life…